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50 New Things

50 New Things

While taking a long walk the other day I had an “ah ha” moment. It wasn’t one of those sudden monumental life-changing epiphanies but more of a small light bulb about the size of a fat Christmas light turning on in my head.

I’m one of those people who took the Myers-Briggs test only to confirm what I already knew – I’m on the border. A little introverted, a little extroverted. However, lately I’ve felt the introvert taking charge.

I’ve never been one to throw caution to the wind, in fact friends would laugh if you were to ask them about my wild side. But sometimes life can make one play things too cautiously. Things happen along the way providing  justification for keeping us and our loved ones in a cocoon. Nonetheless, it’s not good if the safety cocoon we build keeps us from trying new things.

It took a cup of Turkish coffee to wake me up. Figuratively and literally.

I tried a small cup of Turkish coffee at a place appropriately called, Turkish Delight.

The owner warned me. My husband warned me. They both tried to warn me it was strong.

I didn’t care. I’d never had Turkish coffee and I was going to try it.


I gave a delicate blow to cool it before putting my lips to the cup.

The dark, thick liquid had the texture of black bean soup only grittier.

It was awful!

If you told me it had come from the back side of a camel I would have believed you.

I ended up giving it to my husband who generously traded his Turkish tea with me (much better). But as I was thinking about that thick, chewy, strong coffee on my walk the the other day I came up with a challenge for myself.

Over the next year I’m going to try 50 things I’ve never tried before.

I’m not going to do anything overly dangerous. I’m not a fool. But I’m going to broaden my horizons a little. I’ll buck my natural propensity to play it safe and every once in a while say, “yes” to something I ordinarily would consider atypical for Anna Marie.

As I try these new things I plan to share them with my readers. I’m asking you to hold me to it and help me with ideas (within reason) for new and different things I might try as I stretch my comfort zone over the next year.

Item number one the list is Turkish coffee.

I tried it and I found out it really isn’t my cup of tea.

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