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Glamping in Ireland

Okay, maybe I won’t make it back to Ireland this summer, but I’ve got another reason to return. I’ve never gone glamping in Ireland.  I recently wrote about glamping in the mountains of North Carolina – which I can’t wait to do – well I’m adding glamping in Ireland to my ‘to-do’ list. Here’s a great piece on glamping in Ireland.  Enjoy! Glamping in the NC Mountains  

From America to the Emerald Isle

‘How long are ya home for?” This is a question visitors to Ireland often hear. Whether you have Irish roots or simply want to experience the beauty of the Emerald Isle, this country of 100,000 welcomes is a travel destination calling visitors back again and again. Binky Oswalt of Mobile, Alabama and owner of Hidden Ireland Tours fell in love with Ireland and opened her ‘soft adventure’ travel company in 1989. Having spent time as a retail travel agent, she saw a niche that needed filling and capitalized on it with the help of guide Con Moriarty. She has customized […]

Glamping in the North Carolina Mountains

  The beauty and majesty of the North Carolina Mountains lures travelers seeking adventure from all over the state, country and the world. If you’d love spending time in the mountains communing with nature but want a unique experience, ‘glam-ping’ could be your answer. ‘Glamping’ is a term used to describe upscale camping. In Western North Carolina Falling Waters Adventure Resort in Bryson City elevates camping to ‘glam-ping.’ Falling Waters is situated at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains near the Nantahala River. Campers can choose from a variety of activities including a zip-line, rafting, hiking, fishing, tubing, biking, water […]