How a girly-girl overcame fear to take vacations with a reptilian twist

I’ve always been a girly-girl. Even as a kid during my Tom-boy stage where I wore football jerseys, short hair and adventure meant riding my bike off of home made ramps with my brothers, I still somehow migrated towards all things feminine.

I guess having grown up with only brothers I was trying to fit in and share their interests, but that was long ago.

After my first trip to the Lancome counter I quickly forgot those days.

Who knew there would come a time I’d be forced to tap into that more masculine side of life again when it came to taking vacations.

It dawned on me not long ago that since becoming a mother many of my vacations include bugs, snakes and sundry reptiles – all to please my son.

Having a boy has forced me to overcome many fears all for the sake of his enjoyment and entertainment.  Not to mention it’s entirely changed vacation planning.

My vacations have begun to include a few reptilian destinations I would have by-passed in days gone by.  Now each trip I take seems to include at least one of these unlikely journeys.

Unlikely because they’re so not me.

And I guess that brings me to my point.

Sometimes it’s the trips we could never have imagined taking that are most memorable and bring the greatest joy to our lives.

Happy Travels – where ever life takes you 🙂


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