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One of the common dog health problems is diet disorders where their food intake is giving problems to their health. Most of these disorders can be treated but it is important to prevent them so that it will not get worse. For a guide to pet owners, here are some of the diet related disorders found in dogs:

Metabolic/Endocrine. This disorder can lead to diabetes because of the high sugar content from commercial foods that do not have natural ingredients. This also causes thyroid problems.

Digestive System. Preservatives, additives and toxins can cause constipation and diarrhea and lead to dehydration because of always letting out bowel and urine. This could make the dog go weak and malnourished.

Ocular Aspect. Dog food that do not have natural ingredients and are commercial can lead to cataracts. Cataract is where there is a defect within the lens and light cannot pass through. Sometimes cataract can cause blindness and can only be treated through surgery.

Dermatological Aspect. Harmful ingredients and other toxins in the air can make dog’s skin dry and hair can fall out. If this worsens, it can lead to malnutrition and lack of energy.

Circulatory System. If there are no nutrients for dogs, this could weaken the heart and result in heart failure. The heart needs a lot of nutrient in order to pump blood throughout the whole body, since this is its main function.

Respiratory System. Dogs can easily get allergies due to lack of nutrients to protect the lungs and skin from allergies and infections

Immune System. the chemicals, toxins, funguses, molds and other additives can truly destroy the body and weaken its immunity system. With a low immunity system, bacteria and viruses can easily come in and different diseases will hit the dog’s body. This could, most especially, lead to dog cancer that has killed a lot of dogs in the past year.

Skeletal System. A dog’s bones and joints are often not given the right nutrients in order to make the bones stronger and tougher. Because of this, arthritis is becoming a coon disease in the bones for dogs. Also, dogs would be prone to injury because they have brittle bones.

Reproductive System. Low nutrition makes the dog health weak and has the inability to fight bacteria that can cause them reproductive disease such as breast cancer or a cyst in the reproductive organs of the dogs.

Pet owners may not know it, but they must look out for the food they are giving to their dogs because not all of them are good for the dog health. Go for the natural dog food that has natural ingredients that will give them the right nutrition to be healthy.

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