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Siberian Husky puppy training starts from day one. The very first day you bring your puppy home, you should be handling her, talking to her and calling her over to you. Husky puppies are cute; it’s tempting to just hold them and play with them. Of course, you should definitely do that, and do it a lot. But, pay attention to how you are interacting with your new puppy. Siberian Huskies are exceptionally intelligent dogs; they pay attention and have a really good memory.

Siberian Husky puppy training is based on interaction. You must engage their minds and keep them engaged. All that means is that you should make the time you spend with your husky puppy interesting. Play with her, talk to her and encourage her to look at and inspect new things.

When you interact with your puppy, don’t encourage behaviors that you may not want him to engage in later. For example, if you want to keep all your shoes in one piece, don’t give her old shoes to chew on. A dog cannot distinguish between old shoes and your new, expensive, designer shoes. Also, puppies tend to inspect things with their mouths, which means your puppy will probably try to chew on you. Don’t let him! He will learn that it’s okay to bite you. When he starts to get “mouthy,” don’t get angry, just tell him “no” in a firm voice and give him a chew toy. He will learn that chew toys are for chewing on and hands are for petting.

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