StayFaster and its hand-held platform, StayatHand, is great for finding the best hotel rates and booking hotel rooms.

What makes it so cool is StayFaster was created by hotel insiders who know precisely how the industry works. Because it’s developed by hotel insiders and works directly with hotels, it’s a unique customer service oriented tool that makes finding and booking the best rates simple.

Who is this for?

While it’s set up to accommodate frequent travelers, it also works equally well for those who may not get away as often as they like.

Why use StayFaster?

Though there are many reasons why, here are the 4 biggest I’ve found;

1) You’ll be booking directly with the hotel as opposed to a third party.
2) It allows you to get your loyalty reward points.
3) You pay after the stay NOT before!
4) It’s easy to cancel the reservation if necessary.


How do I accumulate rewards points?

The site features a user-friendly profile that you create. While completing your profile you simply include any rewards programs you participate in and it’s stored for future reference along with other preferences pertaining to hotel stays you include.

What are some of the other features?

It’s a superior search with a common sense approach. You’ll be able to see all hotel brands, do it all on one site and get the hotel’s actual confirmation number. Additionally, this is an ad-free environment. They don’t sell your data. It’s currently available across the US and looking to go world-wide in the near future.

Bottom Line

I love this site for booking hotels – it’s customer service oriented. I can feel confident I’ve found the best rate and that my information isn’t being sold. I also love how it gives me the actual hotel confirmation number and I don’t have to pay for the room up front.