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R.M. Rose Company is Bringing ‘Fire’ to the North Georgia Mountains

Not Since Prohibition… In Dillard, Georgia, in the North Georgia mountains, there’s a revival taking place at  R.M. Rose Company Distillers. In 1867, The R.M. Rose Company was established and began setting the standard for American whiskey. The whiskey became so popular, Rose Company was quickly producing their old-fashioned corn whiskey in multiple states and cities throughout the U.S. In 1904, R.M. Rose Company won the “Gold Medal” as the best whiskey at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Though the whiskey was delicious and extremely popular, the glory days of whiskey production came to a halt in the early 20th-century […]

100 Reasons to Visit The Dillard House

Okay, I’m not really going to list one hundred reasons to visit The Dillard House, but take my word for it, there are at least 100. In 1917, Carrie and Arthur Dillard opened what is the present-day Dillard House in the North Georgia Mountains when they welcomed their first lodger. Today, after one-hundred years and thousands of guests later, Dillard House Inn in Dillard, Georgia is celebrating a century of welcoming guests, providing comfortable lodging, and serving up heaping portions of Southern Hospitality. A Rich History The Rock House Inn is the original boarding house which opened in 1917. The […]

Why you need to see Savannah from the back of a hearse

  I’m not being ghoulish when I say this, but the best way to tour Savannah, Georgia, is from the back of a hearse. Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Established in 1733, this port city once served as the state capital, it served as a strategic port in both the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and it’s been visited and called home by pirates, authors and industrialists. With such a varied history, Savannah has also gained notoriety for its visitors who came, but never left. Because of these long-term visitors, Savannah is considered one of, if […]

Ft. McAllister; where history and nature unite in the Georgia Low Country

A few years ago I spent a memorable Labor Day weekend camping at Fort McAllister Historic Park on the banks of the Ogeechee River south of Savannah, Georgia. A last minute decision to spend the holiday camping meant our options were limited. I discovered there were only two parks in the entire state of Georgia that had openings for the long weekend. With only two options, we chose Fort McAllister. Our selection turned out to be a piece of good fortune. Sure it was a little warm for camping in the Low Country, but we enjoyed a family weekend filled […]

You’ll love the hard-shell patients at The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Along the Georgia Coast about half way between Savannah and Jacksonville, FL is Jekyll Island. Once known as an exclusive winter retreat for America’s elite families, today the island is popular as a beach vacation destination and golfer’s paradise. It’s also home to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center opened in 2007. Since then the hospital has been dedicated to sea turtle rehabilitation, education and research. Housed in what was once the island’s power plant, the center welcomes visitors and provides an opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close as they recover from injury or […]