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Vidrio; Mediterranean Dining in Raleigh's Glenwood South PullOverandLetMeOut

Vidrio; Mediterranean Dining in Raleigh’s Glenwood South

A guest post by Pamela Brown. A Feast For All The Senses Marcus Apicius, perhaps the world’s first foodie, is credited with the saying that a person eats with their eyes. In few places is this truer than at Vidrio in Raleigh’s Glenwood South. With a combination of simply and beautifully prepared Mediterranean inspired food and architecture that can best be described as stunning, dining at Vidrio is a feast for all the senses. Since opening its doors in January of 2017, I’ve been waiting for the right moment to dine at Vidrio. A recent girl’s night out gave that […]

Pittsboro Is a Charming Weekend Pit-Stop in the Heart of Carolina

In what is almost exactly the geographic center of North Carolina you’ll find the town of Pittsboro. Established in 1787, Pittsboro is the county seat of Chatham County, named for William Pitt the Younger, the son of the first Earl of Chatham. Situated 17-miles south of Chapel Hill and 34-miles west of Raleigh, Pittsboro is the type of southern town that looks like it popped out of a movie set. With its tree-lined main thoroughfare replete with shops, historic architecture and dining options, this quaint town in the Heart of Carolina offers visitors an idyllic setting for a weekend pit-stop. […]

“Porsche by Design:Seducing Speed” the automobile as art at the NCMA

Porsche Type 901 Prototype, 1963 Courtesy of Don and Diane Meluzio “Porsche. There is no substitute.” Up until a couple weeks ago that famous line from “Risky Business” combined with my love for Jake Ryan and his red Porsche in “Sixteen Candles” was the extent of my Porsche knowledge. That was before I became intrigued with an exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC.   Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed. The NCMA’s first-ever design exhibition is the culmination of several years of planning. The exhibition features 22 automobiles highlighting the elements of design, engineering, function and history […]

Photographing the American South

Living and traveling in the American South provides abundant scenery for amazing pictures. I’m always delighted when others enjoy the images I capture along my travels. This week I’m honored to have my pictures featured at the Huffington Post and for one of the snaps to be named their “Moment of Zen Travel” for the week. Check out the post and as always, Happy Travels!   Anna Marie “Your Weekly Travel Zen: The American South”

For a moving and educational stop on vacation, visit the cemetery

It’s not a ghoulish fascination attracting me to cemeteries – it’s a love of history. From the time I was a child I enjoyed trailing behind my father when he’d visit his family cemetery in Georgia. Reading the tomb stones and imagining the people and what their lives were like was captivating. The older the headstone the more interesting their story. On my first trip to Ireland a friend laughed and asked, “why is it ye Americans come all the way over here and the first thing ye want us to take ye to see is the graveyard?” I love […]