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Anna Marie

Anna Marie

Mermaids aren’t just folklore in Norfolk’s Ghent district


Mysterious maidens appearing in the folklore of many cultures around the world. The mythological creatures from the sea have been popular in art and literature throughout the centuries. Today in Norfolk, Virginia where Smith Creek and the Elizabeth River meet in the Historic Ghent neighborhood resides an entirely different kind of Mermaid.


Virginia’s first Urban Winery – Mermaid Winery.

As their website states, “we focus on making small lots of well-balanced wine using Virginia grapes.”

With an array of wines made primarily of grapes from the Charlottesville region of the Old Dominion this hip winery in the charming Ghent neighborhood serves up an unusual wine tasting experience.


I arrive shortly after the lunch hour and sit at the bar. The modern décor is inviting and the cool cement bar is perfect for enjoying Mermaid’s ambiance. Although I admit the mild weather is enticing me to sit outside under an umbrella on the expansive patio, I forgo dining al fresco on  my first visit. I want to meet the Mermaid staff and chat a while.


I’m delighted to learn the story of the origins of this urban winery and how the name which is associated with beauty represents Mermaid’s vision for producing “stunning wines.”

The wine list includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, East Beach Peach Wine, Elizabeth River Raspberry and a lovely white wine blend called the Siren’s White. It’s well worth sampling a “flight” of wines for the flavor, but the presentation is equally appealing.




Adding to the chic winery atmosphere is the amazing food. The menu features an interesting mix of small plates of cheese, hummus, charcuturie as well as a variety of salads, sandwiches and larger plates including lobster pie and coq au vin.

I select a delicious Greek salad drizzled with just the right amount of tangy vinaigrette dressing. It’s an amazing medley of greens and the ideal accompaniment to the flight I’ve sampled.


Rarely do I save room room for dessert, however if I had – the Elizabeth River Raspberry would be the obvious choice. It’s a delightful dessert wine – pairing well with ice cream and chocolate.

When one thinks of a winery the rolling hills of Napa or Tuscany comes to mind. But more and more a non-traditional approach to the winery outing is taking hold in metropolitan areas.

The urban winery is the city’s version of a full-fledged winery tour, tasting and outing.


Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, Virginia is a brilliant rendition of the newest and popular interpretation of the winery.

To learn more about wineries in the Virginia Beach area click here.

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3 thoughts on “Mermaids aren’t just folklore in Norfolk’s Ghent district”

  1. Enjoyed reading about the Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, my old hometown. Very nice photos go along with it, too!

    You’ve done an outstanding job with the look and feel of PullOverrandLetMeOut. It is both beautiful and interesting, and with great travel stories. I wish you great success with it, Anna.

    I hope you were able to explore much of Fort Monroe. It is such an interesting place with so much history.

    Take Care

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Dan! I thoroughly enjoyed Fort Monroe and can’t wait to write about my visit. I had no idea how historical the fort was before I arrived.
      It is always such fun meeting people while I’m traveling. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the fort with me, it added to my visit.
      Best wishes to you and keep snapping pictures – your site is amazing!
      Anna Marie

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