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Revolutionary Revelations: Exploring Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Travel to North Carolina and explore Guilford Courthouse National Military Park to learn about the pivotal Revolutionary War battle that took place here on March 15, 1781. This conflict would ultimately establish the scenario for Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown seven months later.
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Hi, I’m Anna Marie. I’m a wife, mother, Irish dancer, and pug mom living in North Carolina. I also love to travel. Come along for the ride! If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Pull over and let me out.’

Guilford Courthouse Military Park located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the site of a crucial Revolutionary War battle. Although the British were victorious, the victory came with great cost and would set the stage for Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown seven months later. Today, the park which is part of the U.S. National Park Service, is a popular destination for visitors seeking to learn more about this critical battle. Here are some planning suggestions for your trip to this important historical site.

a brick visitors center at Guilford Courthouse NC
Begin your visit at the Visitor Center.

The battle was long, obstinate, and bloody. We were obliged to give up the ground and lost our artillery, but the enemy have been so soundly beaten that they dare not move towards us since the action, notwithstanding we lay within ten miles of him for two days. Except the ground and the artillery, they have gained no advantage. On the contrary, they are little short of being ruined.

Guilford Courthouse Visitor Center

Begin your visit at the Visitor Center located at 2332 New Garden Road in Greensboro. Managed by the U.S. National Park Service, this is an outstanding hub filled with helpful information.

Take time to stroll through the museum where guests can read up on the history of the battle, see an impressive collection of artifacts, and enjoy a thirty-minute film entitled “Another Such Victory.” The film which is shown on the hour, provides an outstanding narrative of the lead-up to the battle, the battle itself,  as well as the aftermath and its effects on the soldiers, the locals, and the war as a whole.

Moreover, there is a brief ten-minute film shown every half hour beginning at 9:15 am called “Fighting the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.” This film provides a short overview of the battle and the park.

a movie screen with a Revolutionary War soldier on it.
"Another Such Victory" is a thirty-two minute film about the battle. It also features closed-captioning.

Guilford Courthouse Museum

The aforementioned museum housed within the visitor center is brimming with facts and artifacts. You’ll want to come prepared to do some reading as you make your way through the exhibits.

We enjoyed the museum as we awaited the next viewing of the film. It was an excellent opportunity to ascertain facts about the people who participated in the battle, the locals who were impacted, and to see some of the authentic remnants from that time period.

In addition to the museum, the visitor center has a small gift shop filled with books and other souvenirs, restrooms, and is staffed to helpful rangers. The rangers are a terrific resource and will provide you with maps of the park and help you to learn how to access both the walking and driving tours of the battlefield.

a Revolutionary War cannon in a museum
A Revolutionary War cannon on display.
a display of Revolutionary War artifacts
Some of the artifacts on exhibit.
a woman reading a panel in a museum
You'll want to allow time for reading in the museum.

Touring Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Pick up maps for the self-guided tours at the Visitors Center. The rangers, as I mentioned, are helpful and will answer any questions you may have prior to setting off on your journey.

We chose to do a mixture of walking tour and driving tour. Both tours are accessed via cell phone and the NPS app. I quickly downloaded the app and we were off.

Each stop on the tour has a story to tell. We enjoyed listening to the engaging audio narration as it explained what we were seeing. The audio tour provides exceptional  information and insights that really add to the entire experience.

Take note, the stops listed on the Walking Tour and the Auto Tour are slightly different. While they cover the same territory, things don’t exactly match so you will want to be sure to study both tour maps ahead of time to make sure you don’t get off track or miss out on anything.

a woman looking at a statue of a soldier on a horse
General Nathanael Greene Monument

Overview of the Battle

The tour gives an excellent overview of the battle and goes into the history of the various statues and memorials on display.  I had recently read a book by Patrick K. O’Donnell called “Washington’s Immortals.” The book recounts the story of a regiment of 400 Continental Army soldiers from Maryland who changed the course of the war. For me, this tour helped me better envision one of the many battles the Immortals took part in. I particularly enjoyed finding the memorial dedicated to the Marylanders who fought at Guilford Courthouse that day.

A stone memorial dedicated to fallen Revolutionary War soldiers from Maryland.
The Maryland Monument at Guilford Courthouse.
a brass plaque on a stone memorial
Dedicated to the Marylanders who fought at Guilford Courthouse.
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You should take advantage of the walking trails that lead to various features, such as the Maryland Monument, Delaware Monument, and Regulars Monument, that you may otherwise miss, whether you choose to go on the self-guided driving tour or the self-guided walking tour.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

One of the best aspects of a visit to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is it is affordable. Free parking, free admission, and free self-guided audio tours. That being said, there is a place in the Visitors Center where guests can leave a donation should you wish to. The Visitors Center is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm with the exception of holidays. You will want to visit their website before going to confirm that the hours haven’t changed.

There are several main attractions within the park, but I’d have to say the memorial to General Nathanael Greene, for whom Greensboro is named, is the most prestigious of all. The memorial is directly across the road from the Visitors Center and can be accessed easily.

If you choose to take the Cell Phone Walking Tour, you will want to dress appropriately for the weather and wear good walking shoes. The tour in its entirety is around two and a quarter miles and travels along paved trails for the most part. 

Should you decide to take the auto tour, keep in mind there are many pedestrians along the trail. At each tour stop there is a place to pull over and listen to the audio so you won’t block traffic. Likewise, you can park and get out to get a closer look or to take in the lay of the land.

Additionally, there are restrooms within the park near the Guilford Courthouse and the Third Line stop on the tours. The park is comprised of approximately 250-acres and is popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists, and dog walkers so you will want to be mindful of this especially if you’re driving.

An informational guide sign at Guilford Courthouse
The Battle Begins
A large statue of a soldier on a horse
Greene Monument was dedicated in 1915
Revolutionary War Cannons at Guilford Courthouse
American artillery near the Third Line

Take Aways

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is an important and historic location in the heart of North Carolina. History buffs will be in their element touring the museum and taking the self-guided audio tours. That being said, there is a good deal of information to cover and read in the Visitors Center that will make the tours more meaningful. It’s possible to spend an hour to two hours at the Visitors Center so plan enough time to fully enjoy your time here.

We enjoyed viewing the live-action documentary, “Another Such Victory,” because it gives a wonderful narrative of the day, March 15, 1781, as well as the people who where there.

For me, having just read a book on the subject, this was an outstanding place to visit. For my husband, who isn’t as big of a history buff as I am, maybe not so much. I guess what I am saying is, this isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. However, with its location and historical significance this is certainly an excellent and cost-effective itinerary item for a visit to Greensboro, North Carolina.

In fact, it’s a revolutionary destination.

close up of a Revolutionary War cannon
American artillery at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

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Revolutionary Revelations: Exploring Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

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