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2020 Gift Guide for Travelers | Pull Over And Let Me Out Readers’ Choice

Find out what the hottest gifts for travelers are for the 2020 holiday season as determined by the readers of PullOverAndLetMeOut
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Hi, I’m Anna Marie. I’m a wife, mother, Irish dancer, and pug mom living in North Carolina. I also love to travel. Come along for the ride! If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Pull over and let me out.’

2020 may not have presented all of the travel opportunities we enjoyed in previous years and we certainly had to be more creative in our trip-planning. Still, one thing remains the same for travel lovers. We’re always looking forward, planning, and eager to take that next trip. What do we love taking on the trip with us? Based upon the input of readers in 2020, I’ve assembled a shopping list filled with the hottest travel gear that’s certain to please the travelers on your list. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, you’ll love the 2020 gift guide for travelers. Happy shopping!

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What do you get a travel lover for Christmas?

How do I find out what are the trendy gifts of 2020?

First of all, I ask. I put the question to my newsletter readers to tell me what gear you simply must-have when traveling and you told me! If you’re not getting the newsletter signup now!

Furthermore, as you may know, affiliate links play a role in the funding of this website (see above). Simply put, if it weren’t for affiliate links, I wouldn’t be able to keep writing. And while I don’t know who’s purchasing through those links, I do learn what’s being purchased.

Based upon your input and the purchasing trends of 2020, I’ve compiled this list of the ultimate travel gifts according to you, the readers. Let’s dive into the most popular travel gifts for 2020!

A scarf is always an appreciated gift. My all-time-favorite is this one I got in Blarney, Ireland!

2020 Gift Guide for Travelers

1. Electronics Organizers

Starting off the 2020 Gift Guide for Travelers is the most-ordered piece of travel gear – electronic organizers. Readers of Pull Over And Let Me Out got serious about staying organized while traveling this year and embraced cord keepers! Cord keepers are a must-have for keeping a handle on mice, chargers, and power cords. The savvy traveler will thank you for this practical and functional present.

2. Travel Toiletry Bag

Another perennial favorite with readers is the travel toiletry bag. Whether a hanging bag, a shaving kit, or TSA-friendly clear plastic, a travel toiletry bag always makes a wonderful gift. Keep it filled and ready for the next trip!

3. Movies

Movies about traveling or movies to take traveling? Does it matter? The traveler on your list will love the gift of entertainment, regardless. Select films made in a location they love or want to visit someday. These unique travel gifts will receive rave reviews!

4. Travel Pillow

Comfort was a priority with readers again this year. Travel pillows are the comfort item of choice. Give the gift of 360-degree support for the traveler on your holiday gift list. Pillows come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and price points but are always a popular choice.

5. Luggage straps, locks, and covers

Luggage accessories are a top gift item for travelers this year. Luggage straps, locks, and protective covers are the perfect add on item or stocking stuffer. A good piece of luggage is worth keeping nice so you can’t go wrong with these great additions. 

6. Luggage

A fabulous piece of new luggage is always a welcomed gift. This year the carry-on bag was a favorite. Since most 2020 trips were short distances or local, the carry-on bag was the bag of choice with readers, earning it a spot on the 2020 gift guide for travelers.

7. Daypacks and Backpacks

Grab it and go! A daypack or backpack is ideal for traveling light and keeping gear close at hand. Choose from an array of sizes, shapes, and fabrics certain to please. They even make diaper bag daypacks! A quality daypack is a practical gift option that’s friendly on the wallet. You can easily find a sturdy daypack for under $50.

8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Give the gift of music-to-go! Wireless Bluetooth speakers make a practical and entertaining appearance on the gift guide this year. They’re perfect for listening to podcasts on the road or music at night in the hotel. This is an outside-the-box idea they’ll love. 

9. Chargers

Experienced travelers were keen on keeping the power supply constant in 2020 and portable chargers were their go-to backup item. Whether it’s for keeping the phone battery alive or powering other tech gear, this is consistently a favorite with the traveling crowd.

10. Rechargeable Toothbrush

A clean grill is always a good thing, especially when away from home. Convenient, compact, and it comes with multiple replacement heads. One 4-hour charge lasts 30 days! This toothbrush is sure to put a smile on the traveler’s face! 

11. Books

Books are always a hit with the travelers on your gift list. It’s great fun reading a book set in a favorite destination or in a location you hope to visit soon. This year, several of you purchased my books. Thank you!!! Nothing makes me happier than knowing you’re enjoying what I’ve written and sharing my work with others. 🙂 

For more inspiration, here’s a list of 21 Books That Inspire Wanderlust

12. Packing Cubes

Making an appearance again on the Pull Over and Let Me Out gift guide, packing cubes in all sizes and shapes. If keeping organized on the road is a priority, they’ll thank you for packing cubes and you’ll forever change how they pack!

13. Jackets

Every traveler loves a great jacket. Neutral colors, comfortable fabrics, multi-season, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof, and easy to pack are the most important criteria when selecting a great jacket for the journey. Oh, and don’t forget pockets! 

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I can’t forget the stocking stuffers! There are so many wonderful options when filling the traveler’s stocking with goodies. Put tidbits in that stocking like a luggage scale, luggage tags, a hat, gloves, a travel wallet, even an ornament to add to the tree! Be creative, but if you’re still stumped, remember gift certificates always work! 


Give the Gift of Travel!

Instead of a gift-wrapped present, there’s always the gift of the experience. Travel makes a wonderful present for any occasion. Click here to find the best deals and plan an adventure to any destination NOW! 

Need more ideas?

If you’re still not sure what to get that special someone on your list who has a serious case of wanderlust, check out the PullOverAndLetMeOut Shop for more ideas and the hottest travel items, including the exclusive PullOverAndLetMeOut logo gear. 

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