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Rosecrest Farm in Paris, Kentucky: Discover Why Time Spent on a Horse Farm is Good for the Soul

Nestled in the rolling hills of horse country, Roscrest Farm is located in Paris, Kentucky, approximately thirty minutes away from Lexington. In addition to being a lovely home for exquisite Thoroughbreds, this is also a place where visitors may unwind, spend time, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Travel with PullOverandLetMeOut to this cozy haven and learn why The Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm surpasses all other B&Bs by a length.
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Hi, I’m Anna Marie. I’m a wife, mother, Irish dancer, and pug mom living in North Carolina. I also love to travel. Come along for the ride! If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Pull over and let me out.’

Rosecrest Farm in Paris, Kentucky, is home to some of the finest Thoroughbred horses in America. In fact, the 2024 Kentucky Derby winner, Mystik Dan’s sire, was bred, born, and raised at Rosecrest. However, it isn’t just the horses who get to enjoy this scenic setting in the heart of Kentucky horse country. The Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm welcomes visitors to enjoy the peace and quiet of life on a horse farm. We traveled there and spent an amazing weekend enjoying the atmosphere and of course the horses. Here is what I discovered that makes staying on a horse farm good for the soul.

Rosecrest Farm: A True Horse Country Retreat

I had driven through Kentucky horse country years ago on a cross-country road trip. I was taken aback by the beauty and vowed to return one day. This was the impetus for planning our stay at Rosecrest Farm.

I was delighted to discover such a magical place exists. With three guestrooms and abundant scenery, this charming B&B packs a punch for the tourist dollar. For our stay I booked three nights, Friday through Sunday, the weekend after the Kentucky Derby. This proved to be a fantastic time and the weather was oustanding.

Comfy Accommodations

I booked us in The Bluegrass Room. A spacious room with a comfortable bed, a trundle available if need be, and all of the comforts and perks that make for an enjoyable stay.

Upon arriving, I took note of the little touches in our room such as a nice size mini-fridge, an ice bucket, a cozy sitting area, and a chocolate horseshoe. And of course the stunning views outside our window.

a large bed by a window
Awake to a view of horses in the field outside your window.
a painted jockey statue in front of a guest house
The Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm

Breakfast is Served!

Breakfast is an important part of a stay at Rosecrest Farm. Each morning a delicious made-from-scratch breakfast is served around the large family-style table.

Breakfast truly is a special time at the guesthouse and we were so fortunate to meet such friendly fellow travelers who happened to be staying there while we were. It’s what makes a stay at a B&B all the more enjoyable, meeting people!

There was plenty of tasty food, happy chatter, and delicious hot bourbon-kissed coffee made from beans that come from Lil’s Café in Paris. Lil’s Bourbon Blend Coffee is available for purchase at Rosecrest, and yes, I bought some to take home. It’s that good!

a strawberry crepe on a white plate with a blue placemant
Delicious made-from-scratch breakfasts each morning.

Explore the Grounds

Rosecrest is a 150-acre farm replete with rolling green pastures, fence-lined paths, and incredible Thoroughbred horses. Spending time exploring is a must!

If your travel schedule allows, arrive before 4pm to assure that you can enjoy a personalized tour of Rosecrest Farm. Owner Lyra loads newly arrived guests into a comfortable cart to take them on a tour of the farm.

Travel in style as you meet the horses and enjoy learning about all that goes into caring for them and preparing them for racing and breeding. Lyra does a marvelous job of answering questions and sharing her knowledge. I can’t emphasize enough how worthwhile it is to arrive in time to take this tour.

an extra large golf cart with canvas roof
The touring vehicle at Rosecrest Farm.

The Horses

The highlight of time spent at Rosecrest Farm is the horses. They are truly amazing animals and it is a thrill being around them, meeting them, and especially having the chance to enjoy the new arrivals. The foals and their mothers are adorable!

Likewise, the yearlings and the retirees were eager to say hello and let us pet them. Adding to the fun, we were able to feed mints to the retirees. Roscrest Farm keeps plenty of mints on-hand for guests to spend time with these more mature horses who absolutely appreciate the tasty treats.

Five yearling colts standing at a fence.
Yearling colts at Rosecrest Farm
a mama horse and colt
A mare and her foal at Rosecrest Farm
Two older Thoroughbred horses at a fence
Visiting with the retirees.
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The 2024 Kentucky Derby winner, Mystik Dan's sire Goldencents was bred, born, and raised at Rosecrest Farm. The farm has a number of horses, notably Secretariat's grandsire, that are descended from some of the most well-known Thoroughbreds in the annals of horse racing. Make sure you take the time to meet these awe-inspiring animals during your stay. Take advantage of this remarkable setting, it's good for the soul!

Nearby Attractions

Rosecrest Farm’s location makes it ideal for touring the area and nearby attractions. There is a multitude of horse-related things to do including Claiborne Farms, Keenland, and Kentucky Horse Park all within close proximity.

Beyond horses, Rosecrest is an ideal hub for taking day trips to Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort. Additionally, Ark Encounter in Williamstown is less than an hour away, and downtown Paris is absolutely delightful with its array of stores, cafés, boutiques, and historical sites.

Furthermore, Roscrest is in Bourbon County and there are a number of distilleries where visitors can taste a sample of the quintessential Kentucky elixir.

For our visit we enjoyed several of the nearby attractions and made visits to a couple of historic spots such as the Mary Todd Lincoln House and University of Kentucky in Lexington. We also spent a little time in Frankfort and found Daniel Boone’s grave high up on a hill overlooking the state capitol building.

a mural of racehorse Secretariat in Paris, KY
A mural of Triple Crown winner Secretariat in downtown Paris.

Dining Options

There are several spots in Paris for dining. A popular dinner destination is Trackside Restaurant and Bourbon Bar on East 10th Street in Paris. Set in what was once the Paris, Kentucky train depot, this lively spot offers seasonal Kentucky fare including the iconic Hot Brown open faced sandwich. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 8:30 pm. Reservations are recommended. 

Downtown, stroll the main thoroughfare and discover numerous culinary choices. From breakfast and lunchtime favorite, Lil’s Coffee House to tasty hot sandwiches at the Rose and Throne Pub, the bustling downtown has an assortment of restaurants to choose from.

We savored several tasty meals in Paris. Although, one of my favorites was when we purchased a bottle of wine, some cheese, and crackers. We spent the evening at the Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm on the back porch sipping wine, watching the sunset, and visiting with the retiree horses in the field.  It was glorious.

Lil's Coffee House Cafe window in Paris, KY
Lil's on Main Street in Paris is owned by Lyra and Chuck Miller, owners of Rosecrest Farm.

Tips for Planning Your Stay at Rosecrest Farm

You will want to plan ahead of time for your stay at the Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm. There are three rooms in the guesthouse: The Bluegrass Room, Four Roses Room, and the Derby Suite. There is a 50% deposit due when you make your reservation. You will also want to keep in mind the date of the Kentucky Derby. It is a busy tourist time in this part of the state so you will want to plan accordingly.

The rooms at the guesthouse are filled with all the comforts of home including a mini-fridge, hair dryer, television, radio alarm clock, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and WiFi. Additionally, the towels and bed linens are outstanding.

With 150-acres to explore, comfort is a must. Pack comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring a jacket as well, it can be breezy and cool in the mornings and afternoons, especially during shoulder seasons.  You will want to make sure to include ample time for strolling to the barn or visiting the paddocks.

It’s also a good idea to schedule any tours that interest you in advance. Distillery tours at Woodford Reserve in Versailles tend to book up quickly so if you don’t want to miss out, go ahead and get it on your schedule.

We booked our trip to Clairborne Farm, which is a short distance from Rosecrest, a little over a month prior to our visit. This delightful historic farm conducts tours of their barns, breeding area, and visitors get to meet several of the stallions that are currently residing there. The tour we took ended in the cemetery which has the graves of over 20 champions including Bold Ruler and Triple Crown Winner Secretariat.

a woman petting the head of a newborn foal by its mother.
Spending time with the horses and meeting the foals was a joy.

Parting Thoughts

Our stay at the Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm was one of those vacations you dream about. Beautiful scenery, amazing Thoroughbred horses, relaxation, and friendly people. All the key elements of a trip to remember.

Moreover, we had the added pleasure of experiencing the incredible and unprecedented for this area light show the sky put on — the Northern Lights. Our timing couldn’t have been better. I thought I would have to travel to Scotland or Iceland to witness such a display. I can now check another bucket item off of my list.

Having made it a goal to return to this part of the country all those years ago, I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of our visit. We drove away, refreshed, invigorated, and filled with memories of a vacation to remember and a hope to one day return again. A true Pull Over and Let Me Out win, place, and show!

The northernlights and the moon with two trees nearby
We had the good fortune of seeing the Northern Lights while at Rosecrest.

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Rosecrest Farm in Paris, Kentucky: Discover Why Time Spent on a Horse Farm is Good for the Soul

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