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Anna Marie

Golf, antiques and Dewberries in the NC Sandhills

Hi, I’m Anna Marie. I’m a wife, mother, Irish dancer, and pug mom living in North Carolina. I also love to travel. Come along for the ride! If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Pull over and let me out.’


 The Market at Muse Bros. Store  422 Carthage Street

 Heading south on US-1 in North Carolina there’s a visible change in topography upon entering the region called the “Sandhills.” Tall pines, sandy soil and an abundance of golf courses make this part of the state notorious.

Visitors arrive toting their clubs taking advantage of nearly year-round clement temperatures and world-class golfing. However, just 15 minutes north of Pinehurst and Southern Pines is a destination which has become known as one of the greatest antiques hubs on the east coast.


Ferguson House Antiques 509 Carthage Street

The tiny town of Cameron was founded in the late 1870’s at what was the first stop along the Raleigh and Augusta Railroad. The town thrived as the trains ran and farmers, turpentine distillers and other entrepreneurs established businesses.

Big-Old-HardwareThe Old Hardware Antiques on Carthage Street 

Also enhancing the economy of Cameron was the Dewberry.

In the late 1890s the Lucretia Dewberry, a sweet berry similar to a black berry, put Cameron on the map. For many years Dewberries played an important role in the town’s agricultural success.  Dewberry sheds were built close to the  railroad tracks. The berries were auctioned and the crates loaded on trains to be shipped.

The Dewberry market was so strong Cameron became known as the “Dewberry Capital of the World.”


But the Dewberry is a one-time crop and eventually no new bushes were planted so the crops died off  by the 195o’s.

Today Cameron is better known for its many antiques shops lining Carthage Street. Historic buildings which once upon a time were businesses and stores and classic Victorian-style homes now house the finest antiques and collectibles.


McPherson’s Store  415 Carthage Street

The main drag is Carthage Street. Park at one end and walk. It’s perfect for strolling in and out of the shops which are open most weeks from Wednesday through Saturday. (check the shop websites before heading out)

The shop keepers are friendly and welcome visitors from all over the country and world to their charming town in a region now synonymous with golfing.


You can find a variety of dewberry products in Cameron

 It’s easy to spend a day admiring antiques. It’s also a wonderful history lesson and stroll down memory lane as you discover or rediscover collectible pieces from the past.


If you’re hungry I highly recommend lunch at the Dewberry Deli. The menu features tasty soups and sandwiches, old fashioned fountain sodas and amazing home made pies or Dewberry cobbler for dessert.


Tomato basil bisque and a ham and cheese wrap at the Dewberry Deli

The deli is downstairs in the Old Hardware Store and the décor features memorabilia from the days when the sleepy town thrived along the railroad and the Dewberry was a staple of the local economy. A word of caution, the food is wonderful but they don’t take credit cards.


The Dewberry Deli in Cameron, North Carolina

Cameron is a quiet, compact southern town. In fact, it’s only one square mile in total area. However, it retains much of the charm it had as it grew up around the Raleigh and Augusta Rail Road.

Twice a year Cameron holds it Antiques Street Fair but the shops along Carthage Street attract visitors year-round. If you’re driving on US-1, if you love antiques or if you’re looking for something to do between tee times, Cameron, North Carolina is a fun side trip.



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