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Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon PullOverandLetMeOut
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Discover the Ultimate Grand Canyon Getaway: A Luxurious Escape at Clear Sky Resorts

Travel with PullOverandLetMeOut to discover why this is the ultimate glamping getaway and get a look at this firsthand account of Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon's unrivaled luxury and natural beauty.
A woman sipping coffee outside
Hi, I’m Anna Marie. I’m a wife, mother, Irish dancer, and pug mom living in North Carolina. I also love to travel. Come along for the ride! If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Pull over and let me out.’

Embarking on a special journey to the Grand Canyon, I sought a truly extraordinary place to stay. Enter Clear Sky Resorts – Grand Canyon, where these stunning Sky Domes near Williams, Arizona, provide awe-inspiring vistas, serene landscapes, abundant activities, and unforgettable memories. Among the many nearby lodging options, Clear Sky Resorts stands out as an unrivaled, indulgent escape that promises an unparalleled and gratifying experience. Prepare to splurge and enjoy the ultimate getaway.

Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon

A dome with people inside at nighttime
S'mores by the fire and live music light the night at Clear Skys Resort - Grand Canyon.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “glamping,” let me explain. defines glamping as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” And in all honesty, at first glance, it’s not immediately evident just how comfy and luxurious these domes in the middle of nowhere are.

However, the unique domes offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes, including picturesque sunsets and star-studded night skies. Whether from the private deck or the comfort of the plush interiors, guests can revel in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Adding to the fun of a stay at Clear Sky Resorts is the magnificent décor of the domes. Each dome is decorated in keeping with a distinctive theme. We selected the dome with the British Secret Agent theme for our traveling family trio. From the moment of entry, we were immersed in an Austin Powers-worthy stay that we will remember for years to come. Every detail from the bed to the seating, to the bright red telephone booth was right out of an imaginary 007 world. 

a bed with a painting of a 007 agent behind it
The British Secret Agent Dome
two gold egg chairs
Austin Powers would love this dome!
sunrise through a window
Our wake up view.

Dome Glamping

The dome, specifically a geodesic dome, is a striking architectural structure characterized by a spherical shape and a network of interconnecting triangles, providing strength and stability. The domes have heating and an HVAC system that keeps each energy-efficient dome at a comfortable temperature. These domes are also eco-friendly, using 30% less energy than a traditional building due to their shape, high volume-to-surface-area ratio, and ambient airflow. (Phew! Technical jargon!)

In addition to being unusual accommodations, these domes provide all of the amenities of a standard hotel room. Our cozy quarters included a mini-fridge, an incredibly comfortable bed, and a skylight for stargazing, as well as an excellent bathroom. There was plenty of hot water for showers, as well as lush absorbent towels. They even include complimentary Clear Sky slippers!

a dome in the desert
Each dome is unique, comfortable, and offers beautiful views.
a pair of feet wearing blue slippers
All the little touches!
a bathroom sink with a shower in the background
The bathroom in the dome is excellent.
PullOver Pro Tip picture

There is wildlife in the area, so keep an eye out! There are elk, deer, coyotes, and rabbits in the area, so stay at least 50 yards away from wildlife and DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.

The Clear Sky Resorts Experience

Yes, it’s fun to sleep in a dome under a canopy of stars. Yes, the themed domes offer a one-of-a-kind stay. However, it’s the entire experience that makes this stay splurge-worthy. 

Upon arrival, guests check in at the Welcome Dome. From there, friendly staff assists guests by helping them load their luggage onto a golf cart and driving them to their designated dome. Once visitors have settled into their domes, they are invited to be as active as they chose.

Clear Sky offers a vast array of activities from the frisbee golf course, a giant jump pillow, yard games, and a playground. There is a food truck for breakfast and dinner options and nightly s’mores next to their artisan-crafted fire pit. Throughout the week they have kids’ craft activities, live music, Native American flute making, astronomy nights,  and storytelling. The high desert landscape also offers amazing star gazing as well as spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

We had the absolute pleasure of staying there on opening night for the 2023 season and enjoyed the amazing talents of Aaron White. The Award-winning Artist/Singer/Songwriter, and Grammy-nominated musician of Ute and Navajo heritage performed on guitar and Native American flute while sharing the history and story of his moving music. It made the experience all the more magical. 

Regardless of whether your visit is a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a group adventure, Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon has something for every traveler. Oh, and it’s a short 20-minute drive away from one of the world’s most famous attractions, the Grand Canyon!

Outdoor recreation area with green grass
Clear Skys offers ample outdoor activities for guests to enjoy.
a man playing flute in front of a fire
A magical evening in the Welcome Dome featuring the music of Aaron White.

The Best Part About Sleeping Under the Stars

view of Humphrey's peak in Arizona
The views of Humphrey's Peak are awesome.
A bottle of wine with two stemless glasses
We brought along a delightful Arizona red wine.

There is so much to love about a stay at Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon it’s hard to know where to begin. The domes are amazing. We loved the theme, the comfort of the beds, the coziness as well as the incredible stargazing and magical sunrise.

The food is also delicious! Chef Paul at the food truck does an excellent job of serving up delectable meals in generous portions. We could have driven to nearby Williams, but there was no reason to. The guys ordered the Clear Sky Burger, while I got the Star Gazer Burger. Both were incredible and made of the best beef. There were several other tasty favorites on the menu, and I noticed the pizza menu was also quite impressive.

One of my favorite aspects of our stay was the opportunity to unplug and unwind truly. The open space, fresh air, and natural beauty beckon visitors to take deep breaths, relax, or play but most importantly enjoy. If you need to log on, Wifi is available, and it works best in the Welcome Dome, but I recommend using this time to savor your surroundings and be present.

Tips for Planning Your Stay at Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon

Although it has a Williams, AZ address, Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon is about 28 miles outside of Williams and about 20 minutes south of the Grand Canyon’s south entrance. They have a variety of domes that can accommodate groups of 2, 4, 5, and 7 people. Our dome was ideal for our group, with a large queen bed downstairs and a loft with twin beds that worked well for my teen son.

In terms of airports, the smaller Grand Canyon Municipal is about 20 minutes away, but Flagstaff’s Pulliam Airport is 45 minutes away, and Phoenix Sky Harbor is 2.5 hours and Las Vegas McCarran is three and a half hours away.

On a practical note, while there are well-lit gravel pathways throughout the resort, they have done an excellent job of preserving the natural desert landscape. As a result, it can be dusty, and comfortable, sturdy shoes are recommended for getting around the resort.

Make this your splurge destination if you’re on a budget. A stay here is more than just a stay at a standard hotel chain, and it is recommended that guests stay for more than one night to fully appreciate the experience. That being said, the uniqueness and overall experience make this one of those destinations you’ll remember for years to come.

Take Away

Our stay at Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon was a highlight of our trip to Arizona. The location, the domes, the food, and the entertainment all contributed to a memorable stay. This was my son’s final high school spring break, so I know the memories will last a lifetime. Now that we’ve stayed here, I can’t imagine visiting the Grand Canyon and staying anywhere else!

Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon

Williams, Arizona

a woman sitting in an egg-shaped chair
The British Agent theme was a family favorite!

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Discover the Ultimate Grand Canyon Getaway: A Luxurious Escape at Clear Sky Resorts

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